By Tanny Chow

March 01, 2019

In Hong Kong, there are several ways of obtaining information on companies registered in Hong Kong. In this article, we go through the methods available, free and paid search services, the type of information searchable, search result delivery and payment methods.


There are three ways of conducting a search on information relating to companies registered in Hong Kong.

1.       Internet search via Cyber Search Centre Service

Individuals can access the Company Registry’s Cyber Search Centre to conduct company searches in either English or Chinese on the current data of registered companies and image records of documents registered and kept by the Registrar of Companies (the Registrar). It is a 24 x 7 service.

2.       Mobile search via Company Search Mobile Service

Individuals can also conduct searches using their mobile device and smartphone.

3.       Onsite search

Individuals can visit the Company Registry’s office to carry out onsite searches.

Regardless of which method to use, individuals can conduct searches as an unregistered online user or registered user (if the person conducts searches frequently).


1.       Free search services include the following types of services

Company Name Search – this includes current and former names of all companies (including dissolved companies) on the Companies Register.

Document Index Search – this service offers a list of documents filed by a company, whether registered or pending registration. Information includes company names, filing dates, file size of the image records of documents and their processing status.

Charge Index Search – this provides a list of registered charges of a company. Basic information includes brief description of the charge, the charge registration number and the dates of creation and registration.

Disqualification Order Index Search – this service provides a list of the names of all individuals and corporate bodies who/which are currently disqualified by the court from acting as directors or taking up other specified offices.

2.       Paid search services

Image Record Search – User can place order for digitised images of documents searched in the Document Index Search and Charge Index Search mentioned above.

Director Index Search – User can search 1) all current and reserve director(s) of a company, 2) companies which a person is serving as a current or reserve director, and 3) particulars of a specified current or reserve director.

Company particular Search – Key particulars of a company is available in the form of a Company Particulars Report. Information includes registered office address, share capital structure, name(s) of current and reserve director(s), particulars of company secretary, etc.

Disqualification Order Particulars Search – From the Disqualification Order Index Search mentioned above, user can obtain particulars of orders made against an individual or a corporate body.

Certificates and other Products – user can place order for certificates and documents. This includes Certificate of Continuing Registration.


For searches made on the Internet, user can view the search result online or download details from the Company Registry’s system. Search results can be printed out or saved as a file.

For searches made at the Company Registry’s office, search results are available in hard copies and payable for paid search services.

For certified copies of image records and reports, user can place orders online for postal delivery if making online search, or collect onsite when conducting search at the office.


For Registered Online Users, search dues will be deducted from their prepayment accounts.

For Unregistered Online Users, payment can be made by credit cards and direct debit through PPS Shop&Buy Service.

For onsite users at the office, users can pay by Octopus, cash, cheque or EPS. Contact the office for details.

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